Raising an Entrepreneur

In this pathbreaking book, based on interviews with 60 top entrepreneurs and their moms, Margot provides a guide to helping your kids identify a passion and figure out how they can spend their professional life at something they love.

She argues that parents’ well-intentioned efforts to help their children prepare for careers often boomerang, ignoring their skills and interests, limiting their options, and creating an environment of pressures and anxiety where they are less likely to excel and find happiness.

Too often, “following your heart” is deemed impractical, Margot writes, whereas it’s often exactly what will lead to success and fulfillment. This is a book that will shake the longstanding assumptions of traditional parenting.

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Praise for Raising an Entrepreneur

“Your child could become the next visionary entrepreneur. Margot guides parents on how to foster their entrepreneurial spark.”

Steve Case, AOL founder, Revolution Chairman

“Through dozens of insightful interviews with today’s top entrepreneurs and change-makers, and, critically, their mothers, Margot has uncovered a recipe we can all use.”

Claire Shipman, ABC News

“Entrepreneurs don’t just spring up as adults. Margot shows how parents can guide their development.”

Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO

“Margot offers moms, dads, and grandparents the perfect textbook for learning that important lesson.”

Barbara Harrison, NBC News

“Raising an Entrepreneur is a must-read for anyone who wants to raise children to have the courage to be passionate self-starters.”

Keith Ferrazzi, New York Times best selling author

“This wonderful book is written by a mom to help other moms (and dads) nurture their children’s entrepreneurial potential. This is a must-read.”

Melanne Verveer, former US Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues

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In her easy-to-read style, Margot gives us colorful backstories of tech entrepreneurs, actresses and musicians, political activists, and non-profit founders, and tells what they and their moms see as the critical lessons of their upbringing.

You’ll meet such remarkable entrepreneurs as:

Raising an Entrepreneur: Matt Mullenweg

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg’s mom Kathe said, “I think every child has infinite potential if you find what they’re passionate about.”She used to tell Matt, “If you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything." And, "If you can make something better, what are you waiting for?"

Raising an Entrepreneur: Alexis Jones

I Am That Girl founder Alexis Jones' mom Claudia Mann taught her it’s good to make mistakes, and said, "It’s easy to not fail; if you can learn how to learn from mistakes, you’re on a completely different track.” She taught her that kindness, brains, and hard work trumped beauty. And said, “Never use a lack of money to walk away from your dreams. If you want it, go get it.”

Raising an Entrepreneur: Kevin Plank

Under Armour founder Kevin Plank’s mom Jayne told her five sons, “There are no problems, there are only solutions you haven’t found yet.” Her other mottos were: “Embrace adversity and get over it,” and “Live your passion.”

Raising an Entrepreneur: Ellen Gustafson

When other kids were mean and teased FEED Projects cofounder Ellen Gustafson, her parents gave her the tools to handle it herself. Her mom, Maura gave her daughter confidence in herself when she stressed that Ellen was talented and the mean kids’ taunts didn’t matter. Maura believed her most important job as a parent was to help her child figure out her true strengths; and while she knew Ellen’s strengths, she understood she had to let Ellen figure it out herself.

Raising an Entrepreneur: John Chu

When movie producer (Now You See Me 2) Jon Chu's parents saw how much he loved making movies when he was in third grade, they found the money to get him a mixer. And when he was in high school and his mom Ruth saw his passion for filmmaking, she got him books so he could learn more. And when he shot his first movie in college, she drove down and supplied food to the cast and crew for 10 days.

About the Author

courtesy of White House Photo Office

Margot Machol Bisnow is a writer, wife, and mom from Washington, DC. She has a BA in English and an MBA, both from Northwestern, and spent 20 years in government, including as an FTC Commissioner and in the White House as staff director of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.

Margot and her husband Mark have two kids. Austin has written successful pop songs and started a popular LA-based band, Magic Giant. Elliott founded Summit, a noted international conference series for Millennial entrepreneurs, and led the purchase and development of the Powder Mountain ski resort in Utah as a permanent home for the Summit community.

In book talks around the country, Margot has been joined by some of the entrepreneurs and parents she wrote about (see pictures below) in discussing techniques to raise children who are confident, creative, and happy.

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Profits will go to charity to help low-income families learn about entrepreneurship.

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Book Signings and Readings

Here are some of Margot's book talks. If you want to learn about events in your city, sign up HERE.

Diesel Book Store, Los Angeles, with Crazy Rich Asians director Jon Chu

Barnes & Noble, Tribeca, with National Poetry Slam champion InQ

The Yoga Barn, Silicon Valley, with education pioneer (and mother of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and 23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki) Esther Wojcicki and Method cofounder Eric Ryan

Politics and Prose, Washington, DC with Jayne Plank, mother of UnderArmour founder Kevin Plank

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